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Advisors aim to assist students in developing meaningful educational plans that take into account the students’ life goals. Our advisors assist students by presenting and assessing alternatives as well as by identifying consequences of educational decisions. However, the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about life goals and educational plans rests with the students.

Student Services - Academic and Teacher Licensure Advising

Effective July 1, 2013

Schedule an Advising Appointment -
Tuesday through Friday

(for current and prospective CEHS students)

Students will meet with their assigned Student Services Advisor:

Gayle Wiley
Last Names A-Gi

Linda Hockaday
Last Names Gj-O

Autumn Coleman
Last Names P-Z

Regular advising appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes for continuing students. One hour appointments are available for new students, in order to provide adequate time to ensure students are registering for the appropriate courses, to stay on target for program completion.

Student Services Advisors maintain their own appointment calendars. To schedule an appointment, please call the Office of Student Services at (937) 775-3086 or 3088. You may also email your assigned Student Services Advisor to request an appointment.

When scheduling an appointment, please provide the following information:

WSU University Identification (UID) Number
Calendar availability
Current phone number
Email Address (WSU email address required for Wright State students)

During peak advising times (i.e. registration for classes, graduation, etc.) appointments times will fill quickly. Please plan ahead and schedule your appointment well in advance.

Monday Express Advising
for current CEHS students
Mondays, 9am to 11:30am and 1pm to 3:30pm

Unlike regular advising appointments, Express Advising is for quick questions that can be answered in short increments (15 minutes). Students will meet with their assigned advisor.

Express Advising is designed for current CEHS students who have quick registration approval and/or short question(s).
First time appointments or students on academic probation should use the regular advising appointments.
Express Advising in on a first come, first served basis.

How do I use Express Advising?
Sign in for advising at the Student Services desk.
The office staff will verify the availability of your assigned advisor and add your name to the wait list, ensuring that each student will have 15 minutes with their assigned advisor.

The Office of Student Services
378 Allyn Hall
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton,OH 45435
PHONE (937) 775-3088 or 3086
FAX (937) 775-2099

email: cehssrvs@wright.edu

Contact Student Services


  I have not been notified of my assigned student services licensure advisor or faculty advisor. What should I do?

Check with the Office of Student Services in the College of Education and Human Services, 378 Allyn Hall, (937) 775-3088, and a staff person will tell you the name of your student services licensure advisor and faculty advisor.

Undergraduate Degree/Licensure and Graduate Level Licensure Model:

When you are admitted to the College of Education and Human Services, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from your program and a student services advisor from the College. If you have questions about your advisor assignments, call the Office of Student Services. Each of your advisors can assist you with different things.

Your faculty advisor can:

  • assist you with career choice decisions
  • interpret institutional requirements
  • assist you with issues related to professional development and ethics
  • determine appropriateness of course substitutions or changes to your program of study (along with your student services advisor)
  • acquaint you with available educational resources
  • evaluate your progress toward your professional goals
  • refer you to institutional and community support services if needed

Your student services advisor can:

  • help you choose a program that will best meet your individual needs
  • help you determine a sequence for the courses you will take that adheres to state licensure and graduation requirements
  • help you choose courses that will meet state licensure requirements and best prepare you for your future vocation
  • answer questions about University and licensure requirements
  • consult with your faculty advisor concerning course substitutions or changes to your program of study

To make an appointment with your faculty advisor, you will need to call or email that person directly.

Graduate level students work with their faculty advisor to establish a graduate level (M. Ed., M.R.C., M.S., etc.) degree program of study. Student Services advisors are available for licensure advising and perform the final licensure application audit.

To meet with your student services advisor, please email your assigned advisor for an appointment.

Monday Express Advising is available for quick questions that can be answered in short increments (15 minutes). Students will meet with their assigned advisor.