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Student Information
Teacher with children

Office of Professional Field Experience

Field experience information
Find the details you need about applications, scheduling and requirements for all field experience in the college.

Practicum applications
Different programs require different applications. The details can be found here.

Field Experience FAQ's
Look here first for your questions.



We try to help our students with the many challanges ahead

Student Services

You want to be a teacher?
Here's what it takes and your options for
becoming one.

Advising, the role of your advisor
The responsibility for making decisions about life goals and educational plans rests you. Your advisors are here to provide you with the information needed to make the best choices.

About Praxis II
About the exams and getting prepared.

Requirements for admission to undergraduate programs
For all programs in the College of Education and Human Services.

Application for admission to undergraduate licensure programs
There is more to it than the application. The application and details are here.


Student Organizations


More Student Services available at Wright State