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Graduate Programs
The Office of Graduate Programs has major responsibility for graduation, certification, and other issues related to admissions and academic petitions. Graduation certification checks are completed to ensure that graduate students are in compliance with Program of Study requirements and other graduate school policies. In alignment with the above activity, the office works closely with faculty in examining graduate program development and tracking new concentrations and/or program revisions through the college approval network to the dean of the graduate studies for the university.

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The Office of Graduate Programs consistently encourages faculty to examine the quality of graduate studies and the manner in which graduate coursework is approved, delivered, and reviewed. The office provides assistance to faculty in marketing, publicizing, recruiting, and recognizing graduate students and faculty who have provided outstanding service during the academic year. A key focus has been to identify and recognize students who have outstanding potential for graduate scholarship and/or fellowship awards. The College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) seeks to attract to graduate programs students who bring strong academic credentials and a serious desire to acquire specialized knowledge in the field of education and human services.

In addition to the above, this office continues to concentrate on qualitative issues and initiatives related to marketing, recruiting, and oversight of all graduate programs in CEHS. For example, occasional newsletters and special reports are published to inform faculty of issues related to advising and development of graduate programs for those students admitted to degree candidacy in the college. The Office of Graduate Programs also prepares special reports for the Dean’s Cabinet, faculty and the CEHS Graduate Studies Committee. In sum, this office is committed to providing exemplary service to enrolled and potential students seeking advanced graduate degrees in education and human services.