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378 Allyn Hall
Phone: 937 775-2107
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Associate Dean & Director
Colleen Finegan, Ph.D.

Assistant Director
Jack McKnight

Administrative Coordinator
Mary Jane Walling

Administrative Specialist:
Cyndi Parsons

Student Workers
Megan Gray

Graduate Assistants
Isiah Kendall
Orion Monroe
Jill Goddard

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Application Process - Important Deadlines and Dates

1. Apply for a Tk20 Account

  • A Tk20 (Technology in Kindergarten - Age 20) account is required. To create an account go to tk20.wright.edu
  • There is a delay between initiation of Tk20 and availability of this application.
  • TK20 is a data management system used by universities for accreditation.
  • The deadline to apply for Field Experience placement is the third Friday of the semester before the placement.

2. Complete the Field Experience Placement Application

1. Go to tk20.wright.edu
2. Log in. Username: UI; Password: WSU PIN
3. Click the "APPLICATIONS" tab.
4. Under “APPLICATIONS”, click "CREATE".
5. From the pull-down menu choose “Graduate” or “Undergraduate”.
6. Complete the electronic form.
7. Click “Save” until information is complete.
8. Click “Submit” to send the application for processing.
9.  Check your WSU email account verification from OPFE.
10. You have now APPLIED for a field experience placement.You must still REGISTER
     for the appropriate field experience placement class.

3. Begin the process for Bureau of Criminal Investigation Identification (BCII) and Federal Bureau
    of Investigation (FBI) background check report.

  • Schools hosting our teacher candidates require that they have current BCII and FBI background check reports prior to placement.This is mandated by the State of Ohio for the safety of students in the PK-12 schools.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your background checks current. BCII reports are valid for one year; FBI reports for five years. Until these reports are completed and are valid for the entire semester, OPFE will not disclose your field experience placement.
  • BCII checks obtained for employment of service learning may be acceptable if current. Submit a copy to OPFE for approval.
  • For your convenience, this procedure is available in the Educational Resource Center (116 Allyn Hall). more >>

4. Submit a Current Resume to OPFE.

  • Your current resume must be email as an attachment or delivered to OPFE. OPFE submits resumes to school district administrators to assist in placement. more >>

Your field experience is arranged according to the information provided on this on-line application. Be as accurate as possible.

If after completing this application, you decide to post pone the placement or drop from the program, you must inform the Office of Partnerships and Field Experiences via e-mail of your change in plans.


Notifications will be sent to your WSU email - be sure to check this email account on a regular basis and RSVP to the appropriate session arranged for you as appropriate.

Attending an orientation session is a requirement for all Phase I candidates.

An additional Orientation for ECE, MCE, AYA and Multi Age K12 World Languages and Visual Arts as these candidates plan for their Phase II year-long internship requirements.

Student Teaching Orientation for Music Education, Health Education & Physical Education, and all Intervention Specialist candidates is also a requirement.

Field Experience Placement

1. Arranging a Field Experience Site

The OPFE Administrative Coordinator arranges all placements in conjunction with the Associate Dean of OPFE and at the recommendation of district administrators.

  • OPFE policy is to place all candidates within an approximate 30-mile radius of Dayton campus.
  • OPFE grants priority to area school districts with which we have partnership agreements in regard to field placements, especially Student Teaching placements.
  • When possible, OPFE takes into account
    • Candidate’s address of residence
    • Requests for exceptions (with evidence supporting the request) that are identified on the Tk20 application.
  • OPFE will avoid arranging placements at
    • Schools that candidates attended or where family members currently attend.
    • Schools where family members currently or have recently been employed.
    • Sites where candidates have completed a prior field experience, unless special arrangements have been made.
    • Sites that are solicited by the candidate.
  • Requests from a principal or teacher initiated by a candidate will be denied.

Partnership Districts

- Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools
- Dayton Public Schools
- Dayton Regional STEM School
- Fairborn City Schools
- Huber Heights City Schools
- Milton-Union Exempted Village Schools
- Ripley Union Lewis Huntington Local Schools
- Trotwood-Madison City Schools
- Troy City Schools
- West Carrollton City Schools

2. Field Placement Notification

Placement information will be posted on Tk20 once:

  • Candidates have been approved through their Student Services Advisor.
  • Candidates have up-to-date background checks on file with OPFE.
  • Candidates are registered for the correct field experience course.
  • OPFE has received confirmation from the building/district administrator.

Placement information can be obtained in the “Recent Messages” section of the “Home” tab in Tk20 under “Notice of Field Placement” and includes:

  • School site name.
  • Grade Level and Subject (where applicable).
  • Name of the Cooperating Teacher (CT).
  • Name of the University Supervisor.

Contact OPFE if you have and questions or concerns.