Anna Lyon, EdD - Associate Professor
323 Allyn Hall, Wright State University
Jack McKnight, MST - Partnership Coordinator
375 Allyn Hall, Wright State University

Meet Our Urban Partners
Dayton Boys Preparatory Academy
Dayton Public Schools
Thrugood Marshall High School
Dayton Public Schools

Lori Ward, Superintendent

Meet Our Rural Partners
Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Elementary
Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington School District
Charles Patrick Kimble, Superintendent
Miami Trace Elementary
Miami Trace Local School District
Daniel Roberts, Superintendent

Statement of Purpose

Wright State University College of Education and Human Services recognizes the challenges faced by both rural and urban communities. Poverty and its resulting effects create needs beyond the available resources of the area. School districts are faced with the overwhelming task of addressing these community issues as they educate the children.

The Goal

The goal of Initiatives in Rural and Urban Education is to establish partnership centers for education in urban and rural school districts focusing on the needs of PK-12 grade students as determined by the site principal while creating a field experience laboratory for Wright State University teacher candidates in the schools and the community.

Presentations of Initiatives in Urban and Rural Education:

     October 21, 2011 - National Network of Educational Renewal Conference in Hartford, CT
     October 27, 2011 - Ohio Teaching and Learning Conference of the Southwest Ohio Council for Higher
                                   Education (SOCHE) in Dayton, OH
     March 9, 2012 - National Association of Professional Development School Conference in Las Vegas, NV

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