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Multi Age Program

The Teacher Education Department in the College of Education and Human Services offers undergraduate and graduate programs that lead to initial teacher preparation in selected teaching fields and selected age levels as well as advanced professional programs for current teachers seeking advanced study and/or additional teaching credentials. Teacher licensure in Ohio also requires passing scores on examinations mandated by the Ohio Department of Education.

Contact Information

Art Education Director:
Colleen Finegan
315 Allyn Hall

World Languages Director:
Mr. Joe Yuppa M.Ed.
377 Allyn Hall
TESOL Director:
Chris Hall
English Language & Literatures
465 Millet Hall

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Outside the College:
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Ohio Department of Education

Multi-Age Programs

In the Teacher Education Department
French Education
German Education
Latin Education
Spanish Education
Music Education
Visual Arts Education

In the Leadership Studies Department
Library Media

In the Health,Physical Education and Recreation Department
Health Education
Physical Education

Multi-Age Program of Study

The Multi-Age program leads to the Master of Education degree and licensure to teach French, German, Latin, Spanish, or Art. The program is designed for full-time study and internship, requiring a Monday through Friday commitment. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, meet content requirements and pass the state mandated examinations. Art candidates must present Ohio qualifying scores (or better) on licensure exams. World language candidates must score “Advanced Low” or better on both the OPI and WPT examinations (this is an accreditation standard). Upon successful completion of the licensure portion of the program and passing licensure exams, candidates are eligible for a provisional Multi-Age license in the specific content area.


Click here for admissions requirements and application information


Wright State University functions on a semester system. CEHS establishes cohorts of candidates who follow the same general schedule throughout the year.

The Multi - Age Program provides a busy year. The intern will be taking a full load of graduate courses concurrent with internship in the schools. As a result, CEHS recommends that the candidate plan to not be employed for the duration of the program. The candidate will be operating in conjunction with the public school calendar as well the university calendar.