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This endorsement is designed for the current teacher who wishes to add skills and knowledge regarding the young child with special needs.

Contact Information
Gail Scott, Instructor
342 Allyn Hall



Students seeking an endorsement in Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs must hold a current teaching license in Pre-Kindergarten, K-12 Intervention Specialist license, or a Early Childhood PK-3 license. Students who do not have a current (expired) teaching credential must complete the renewal requirements for a license prior to the granting of the endorsement in Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs.

After successful completion of the program and passing the state board of education examination required for this endorsement, students may add the endorsement in Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs to their current credential. Please consult with a Teacher Licensure advisor in the college’s Office of Student Services for current information.

Course #
Course Title
Credit Hours
EDS 6200Principles and Practices in ECIS and EI3
EDS 6240Curriculum, Methods, and Materials for Early Childhood Special Education and Early Intervention** 3
EDS 6400Education of Children with Medical, Physical, Sensory, and Autism Spectrum Exceptionalities3
EDS 6220Establishing Partnerships with Families of Children Identified for ECIS and/or EI.3
EDS 6590Assessments Skills for Intervention Specialists3
EDS 6270*Practicum in Special Education: Pre-Kindergarten Special Needs4
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