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These endorsements are designed for the middle school teacher who wishes to expand their current teaching license to cover additional content areas.

Contact Information:
Richele O'Connor
329 Allyn Hall


Students seeking an endorsement in Middle Childhood Generalist must hold a current Middle Childhood teaching license. Students who do not have a current (expired) teaching credential must complete the renewal requirements for a license prior to the granting of the endorsement.

Upon successful completion of the MC Generalist endorsement program of study and the passage of the appropriate state mandated test(s), the holder of an Ohio Middle Childhood teaching credential may add an endorsement in MC Generalist Social Studies, MC Generalist Language Arts and Reading, MC Generalist Mathematics or MC Generalist Science.


Course #
Course Title
Credit Hours
Social Studies
Semester Hours
ED 6330 Middle Childhood Social Studies: Curriculum and Materials and one of the following3
HST 3650
HST 4600 or
HST 4650 or
HST 4700
Ohio History (3) Reqired by ODE, unless taken as an undergrad.
Early American History
19th Century US History
20th Century US History
Language Arts and Reading
Semester Hours
ED 7220 Teaching Writing K-12 3
ED 6340Middle Childhood Literature: Speech & Drama3
Semester Hours
PHY 6450 or
PHY 6460 or
CHM 6450 or
CHM 6500
Integrating Physical Science and Mathematics I (4) or
Integrating Physical Science and Mathematics II (4) or
Concepts in Chemistry I for Early and Middle Childhood Education (3.5) or
Concepts in Chemistry II for Early and Middle Childhood Education (4) or
BIO 7010 or
BIO 3450 or
BIO 3460 or
EES 3460/6060
EES 6150
Selected Topics in Biology (4) or
Concepts in Biology I for Early and Middle Childhood Education (3.5) or
Concepts in Biology II for Early and Middle Childhood Education (4) or
3460 - Concepts in Earth Science II for Middle Childhood (4) 6060 - Earth Science for Educatos (3.5)
Global Change for Teachers (3)
Semester Hours
MTH 3430 or
MTE 6430**
Algebra & Functions for Middle School Teachers or
Algebra and Functions for Middle School Teachers
MTH 3450 or
MTE 6450**
Geometry for Middle School Teachers or
Geometry for Middle School Teachers
**The graduate versions are the same courses with additional requirements and expectations.
ED 6350
ED 7070
Middle Childhood Mathematics Curriculum and Methods (3) or
Effective Mathematic Instruction for Grades 4 and 5 (3)
*Some or all of the following prerequisites may be required. Contact the Math Department in 120 M&M Bldg. Level 5 on the Math Placement Test or MTH 1280 College Algebra (5 credit hours)
MTH 2410 Mathematics Concepts for Teachers I (3)
MTH 2430 Mathematics Concepts for Teachers II (3)
MTH 2450 Mathematics Concepts for Teachers III (3)

Total Semester Hours per MC Generalist Endorsement: 6-8 (per area)
Note: This is an endorsement to add to an existing MCE license only. Teachers may choose to add only one content area.

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