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Contact Information:
Anna Lyon, Ph.D.
341 Allyn Hall

Early Childhood Generalist 4th and 5th grade


Educators seeking an endorsement in Early Childhood Generalist 4th-5th grade Endorsement must hold or be eligable for an early childhood education license. Educators who do not have a current teaching license because it has expired, must complete the renewal requirements for the ECE license prior to the granting of the endorsement.

Upon successful completion of the Early Childhood Generalist 4th and 5th grade Endorsement program of study and passing licensure exams required by the state of Ohio, the holder of an Ohio Early Childhood teaching credential may add an endorsement in 4th and 4th grade.

Course #
Course Title
Credit Hours
ED 7020Principles, Practices, and Learning in Grades 4 and 53
ED 7030Reading and Language Arts Instruction in Social Studies for Grades 4 and 53
ED 7050Effective Science Instruction for Grades 4 and 53
ED 7070Effective Mathematics Instructions for Grades 4 and 53
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