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The Master of Arts Program in Physical Education Sport Management Certification provides professional preparation for management and leadership positions with professional sports teams, intercollegiate programs at colleges and universities, interscholastic athletics, and amateur athletic organizations. Although we have a program of study for our students, we remain flexible so that students can receive the education that is best suited for their future careers.

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Contact Information
Drew Pringle, Ph.D.
321 Nutter Center

Physical Education: Sport Management

The sports industry is the eleventh largest in the United States, generating over $240 billion per year. It is a diverse and growing field, incorporating multiple sectors including professional teams, public and private organizations, media and entertainment agencies, and facilities and events operations. Professional managers with industry-specific skills are employed in every sector of the field and have a range of job titles. With the expansion of both recreational and spectator sports, sport management is growing more complex. As a result, successful organizations in the sports industry are increasingly looking for tomorrow's leaders to have specialized training at the graduate level.

Course #
Course Title
Credit Hours
EDL 7510Stats and Research3
HPR 7800Research Methods Program Assessment3
Professional Requirements (Approved courses)6
HPR 7400Admin Interscholastic Athletics3
HPR 7500Scientific Found. for Conditioning3
HPR 7600Adv Athletic Training3
SPM 7080Marketing and Public Relations3
SPM 7010Current Issues in Sports2
HPR 8990Thesis6
Total Semester Hours32

Transfer courses must be approved by the department Chair, to be included in the program of study. Successful completion of oral presentation of project/thesis is required at the end of the program of study. Project/thesis is to be determined by the student and Chair, and may include the following: historical, qualitative, descriptive, correlation, causal-comparative, or experimental research. Completion of this program of study does not lead to licensure to teach with the State of Ohio.