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Class and Lecture Notes
The Department of Kinesiology and Health at Wright State University prepares health and physical educators to meet the Ohio Department of Education multi-age licensure requirements for students pre-kindergarten through grade 12 in dynamic and diverse educational settings. In addition, students may also choose undergraduate concentrations in adapted physical education and athletic training with graduate training available in the school nurse program.
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By Instructor
Anastasio, Carmine SelfDef_Women (pdf filesize 18k)
(pdf filesize 16k)
( pdf filesize 17k)
Davis, Janie Karvonen Formula
Aerobic Lecture ( pdf download file 92k )
Weight Training lecture
Muscle Man Diagram
Pilates Lecture
Keihl, Lieneke

Lesson Plan template
candidate self eval

McCormick, Matt Original Goodness ( pdf file size 28KB)
Mostaed, Benjamin Muscle Man (pdf file size 592K)
Paquette, Greg/Cheryl Fencing (Beginning)
Fencing (Intermediate)
Steinbrunner, Jack

Music for Latin Dance
Samba music
Music for Swing
Music for Popular Dance
Music for Ballroom Dance