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Welcome to Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations
There is no better way to pursue your passion - whether it's literature, mathematics, science, art or baseball - than by teaching it to others. Learning in the classroom is not limited to students; teachers themselves continually learn about their subjects and discover new insights. They get paid to immerse themselves in the subjects they love and to keep abreast of the latest news, research and developments in the fields that interest them most. Teachers also have the opportunity to kindle the same passion in others. Many teachers find that one of the most satisfying aspects of their job is seeing the spark in a child's eye as his or her passion for a subject grows.
Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

Department of
Leadership Studies

in Education and Organizations (LDR)

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Doctoral Program

Organizational Studies (Ed.D)
The focus of the professional doctoral program with dissertation is to develop scholar-practitioners committed to exploring and expanding research related to the practices and processes of organizations. Graduates will deepen their understanding related to leadership and learning within organizations. The program will provide practice in organizations and in establising networks for education, psychology, urban affairs, and health and human services.more>>

Graduate Programs

Career and Technical Education (M.Ed.)
The 49-credit hour Career and Technical Education master’s degree program includes 37-credit hours of licensure coursework at the graduate level plus 12-credit hours of educational research. Designed for students who are employed as secondary Career and Technical Education instructors, possess job-relevant competence and an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. more>>

Educational Administration
If you're considering a leadership role in an educational setting, check out Wright State University. We offer a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership in with specialtiies in Principalship, Superintendent or Curriculum & Instruction: Professional Development more >>

Educational Technology
Technological advancements have redefined the role of educational technology in the school environment. Merging with established roles as collector of resources and manager of facilities, is the role of instructional designer, technology integration facilitator, computer education specialist, technology coordinator, and most importantly technology competent classroom teacher. more>>

The Instructional Design for Online Learning (IDOL) certificate program will address the principles of the effective design and implementation of online and blended-learning classes. The major goal of the program is to prepare faculty, instructors, or course designers in higher education, K-12 or the corporate training environment to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective instructors or course developers for online or blended-learning classes. more>>

Leadership Development

The Master of Science in Leadership Development (MSLD) prepares individuals for leadership roles in a broad variety of organizational contexts. The major goal of the program is to prepare candidates capable of applying knowledge, critical analysis, improvement strategies, and research to challenges encountered in organizations.  more>>

Student Affairs in Higher Education
The Student Affairs In Higher Education Program was developed to provide education and training for individuals interested in careers in student services.  The emphasis of this program is on the administrative perspective of student services which support student development. more>>

Teacher Leader
The Teacher Leader Program is a planned master's degree level program designed to be completed within three years, including summers, with forty-eight (48) hours of graduate level work beyond the bachelor's degree more>>

Undergraduate Programs

Career and Technical Education
Designed for students who are employed as secondary Career and Technical Education instructors and possess job-relevant competence, the sequence of courses for licensure is completed in two years (including summers) and the remaining coursework is completed afterward at the students’ discretion. more>>

---Career & Technical Education (Bachelor of Science in Education)
---Career and Technical Education (Ohio Teaching License)

Organizational Leadership
A Bachelor's of Science degree completion program in a management-focused, multi-disciplinary, application-oriented major. Designed for students with a two-year degree or its equivalent who want a broad academic background to prepare them for supervisory and management careers. The major combines courses in communication and management skills with the study of leadership theory and practice. Students will also learn problem-solving techniques and complete a leadership skills project.This integrated major prepares today’s and tomorrow’s leaders for the challenges across all career fields. more>>