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Doctorate of Education in Organizational Studies - EdD
The focus of the professional doctoral program is to develop scholar-practitioners committed to exploring and expanding research related to the practices and processes of organizations. Graduates will deepen their understanding related to leadership and change within organizations. The program will provide practice in organizations and in establishing networks for education, psychology, urban affairs, and health and human services.

Program Contact Information

Julia Acosta, M.Ed.
Leadership Programs Coordinator
490 Allyn Hall
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy
Dayton, OH 45435
(937) 775-2506

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Applicant Handbook

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Doctorate of Education in Organizational Studies

Program Overview:

  • An interdisciplinary approach to the study of topics, theories, and research critical to the success of leaders in a variety of organization settings
  • Core courses addressing systems theory, adaptive leadership, decision making, structure, personnel roles and functions, external relations, planning, program evaluation, and organization behavior
  • Cohort model for core curriculum with courses offered in a variety of formats: weekends, evenings, face-to-face, blended, and online
  • Internship requirement provides two options: to experience a different perspective within one's current organization or to experience a different type of organization

  • DOS 9010 (or PSY 8780) History and Theory in Organizational Studies
  • DOS 9020 Organizational Leadership Skills: Communication, Ethics, & Relationships
  • DOS 9030 Systems and Change in Organizational Settings
  • DOS 9040 Organizations in a Global Environment
  • DOS 9050 Advanced Research Methods I
  • DOS 9060 Advanced Research Methods II
  • DOS 9000 (1 Sem. Hr. X 4) Colloquium in Organizational Studies (taken each semester enrolled)
  • DOS 9800 Internship in Organizational Studies
  • 20 Semester Hours of Program Concentrations (developed by the student and their advisor)
  • DOS 9990 (4-12 Semester Hrs./Semester) Dissertation

    December 1, 2014 is application deadline for fall 2015 consideration.

    The basic admission standards for the doctoral program are:
    1. Master's degree in an education, leadership, human services or a related field from accredited university, with a 3.3 GPA or higher.
    2. Evidence of five years of successful professional management experience, e.g. Project Leader, Assistant Manager, Principal, Education Administration, Classroom Teacher with leadership role, Associate Director and/or Personnel Manager.
    3. Proof of basic statistical competence, i.e. course work in the master's degree or work in a profession where statistical competence is required. If evidence is not provided, a basic statistics course may be taken by the student prior to an admission decision.
    4. A written statement described in the Student Handbook is required to show writing ability.
    5. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores or Millers Analogy Test (MAT) scores at the 50th percentile or above for education or social science majors (not more than 5 years old).
  • Note - the reference forms are in the Applicant Handbook.